Enfolding architecture in a stable and sturdy covering that projects a sound and natural appearance in coexistence with its surroundings. These are the aims of Facade, which technically is a high density laminate timber panel.

Manufactured from kraft paper treated with thermoset resins, pressed under high pressure and temperature and finished with natural timber veneers highly resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric agents.

Facade includes Everlook®, a special overlay that dramatically increases the normal life of the panel, improving UV resistance and colour stability. It also allows for the development of new panels with an extensive range of finishes.


Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 16.01.17


A.     PVDF Antigraffiti overlay
B.     Everlook
C.     Natural timber veneer
D.     HPL core
E.     Natural timber veneer
F.     Balancing film

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 15.37.07

Decorative façade siding using high-density wood panels.
Parklex Facade consists of paper laminate inside natural wood faces, treated with resins and subjected to a high-temperature and high-pressure process. Available in 96″x48″ format with various thicknesses.
Parklex Façade is installed on vertical walls, forming standard 3/8″ horizontal and vertical joints.

Parklex Facade has four different mounting systems: Exposed fastening system with screws or rivets, Hidden fastening system with caps, Hidden fastening system with hanger system and Hidden fastening system with adhesive.

In the event that an applicable Technical Document exists for a specific installation system, such as, for example, the Avis Technique (CSTB) in France, British Board of Agremènt (BBA) in the United Kingdom, Zulassung (DIBt) in Germany or DITplus (IETCC) in Spain, this document shall prevail over the general recommendations described here.